So, I just added some new templates.. They can be quite useful if you ask me.

The tab navigation bar

You can put this template on a page if it has a gallery, so with the help of this template, you need not search the gallery; instead a single click will bring up the gallery page. Similarly, if you also want to include Comment Comeback and other stuff, this template will come handy.


|backcolor= (determines the backcolor)
|altbackcolor= (determines the alternate backcolor)
|height= (adjusts the height)
|minwidth= (minimum width)       
|maxwidth= (max width)
|font-size= (determines the size of font)
|textcolor= (color of the text)
|alttextcolor= (alt. text color)
|bordercolor= (color of border)
|activeborder= (leave it blank)
|borderradius= (leave it blank)
|tab1= (this is where you put the navigation options. For this one, it will show the main page of the article so simply name it Overview)
|tab2=(navigates to the second page of the article. However, whatever you name it, it will be denoted with a '/' before it. Say, for example, I Hate Deviantart/(whatever you have named it). 

Edit Expansion Banner

Just put this tag
under the incomplete section of an article and remove it once finished.

Preview: This section requires expansion

I guess that's all?

Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!
Thanks for reading!

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