I Hate everything loves mars bars... and that's pretty much all you need to know about him.

JAR Media Edit

Alex runs a side channel with his friends James and Ruben, and his brother Jamie. As well as discussing topics and questions asked by fans, he reviews games and movies and has begun hosting podcasts.

In December 2015, it came to light that the partner of JAR had been taking 60% revenue from them without their knowledge. They have subsequently abandoned the initial channel and created a new one with the same name. It currently has over 100,000 views and 20,000 subscribers.

Personal life Edit

Little is known about Alex's personal life.

He was born in New Zealand in 1994 but raised in England. He currently resides in Calne, Wiltshire.

The most we know about him is what his face looks like, as he posted it on Instagram. Let's not try and find out anything else though, because that's stalking.

Cool Cat Saves the Kids Controversy Edit

On November 6, 2015, Alex uploaded a review of the movie Cool Cat Saves the Kids for his series, "The Search For The Worst".

On November 9, the video was taken down and Alex's channel given a strike for copyright infringement by the movie's creator Derek Savage, despite the videos falling under fair use law.

Alex released several videos detailing the events of the incident, including emails between Alex and Derek and tweets from Derek Savage's "Cool Cat" account, shown in Alex's video "With Apologies To Derek Savage".

Alex moved forward with a counter-claim with the support of YouTubers Bobsheaux and YourMovieSucks and his network, Creative Nation.

On November 27, Alex's Cool Cat videos were once again listed on his channel and, the following day, Alex uploaded a video in which he stated that the copyright strike was removed. Alex also went into detail about an email sent to him from a law firm on November 13 regarding copyright material in his "Attack of the Jurassic Shark" videos. However, several obvious clues gave Alex reason to believe that the law firm and email was fabricated by Derek Savage, and the real creators of "Attack of the Jurassic Shark" have not made any attempt to issue copyright strikes against Alex.

Favourite food Edit

Mars bars have been IHE's favourite food since he was born.

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