Durr Plant, also known as Dee Plant, Durr Plont, or Dee Plont, is an ironic meme unintentionally created by IHE, made to mock the Damn Daniel meme. The meme was created as sarcasm, mocking current memes, but spiraled out of control, with a subreddit, and many videos reciprocating the meme. IHE eventually went out and stated his distaste for it with a video, titled "I HATE DURR PLANT (AND JOKE THIEVES) in which he also addresses how his joke was bootlegged, as "Wow Tree", which also spiraled into a subreddit. In the video, he refers to Damn Daniel as "Crikey Cameron" as to avoid saying it. This, like the other memes accidentally created by Alex, became a subreddit. Durr plant's popularity spiked when it was googled so much that when Durr is typed into the search engine, it attempts to auto complete to Durr plant. This now also occurs when you type Crikey (Cameron).

Durr Plant has its own wikia:

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